Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks to Leah and Cassie

Two Fridays ago I had my second round of chemo. As usual I sleep pretty much the day away. As I awoke around 3 or so a.m. to relieve myself in the restroom I trip over a Easter basket walking from my bed to the bathroom. (Mind you this is still 9 days until Easter.) I was super confused by seeing a Easter basket but being too tired and high on drugs I went about my business and then returned to bed to continue sleeping.

When I awoke the following morning I can better see what I had tripped over. It was a WONDERFUL Get Better Pre-Easter Basket brought by these two amazing women!

Here are the contents of the basket: My favorite part was the Mr. Bubble and relaxing bubble bath both of which I have used to my advantage.

Also in the basket was this awesome puzzle card.

On the back it read: Cancer Sucks (as we all know)
But you never, ever let it show
We hope this finds you in your lowest low
And a chemo side-effect will make your hair re-grow!
Leah & Cassie


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Anonymous said...

Dave we love you so much. The end.