Sunday, July 15, 2012

Annual Baseball Trip with Dad--Part Two: Dallas

After spending two days in the Houston Area my father and I drove three hours north to Dallas, Texas to concluse our baseball trip. We went to the Rangers Baseball Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Arlington is a city just outside of Dallas.

Here is a few pictures. 

The Outside

The inside

The view from outside was very impressive; however, both me and my father were disappointed with the architecture beauty on the inside. We were not impressed with the look or the food at this stadium.

However, Rangers Stadium did have the most expensive item I have seen at a ballpark so far. It is the called the Champion Dog and costs $26.

You would be surprised by how many of them they sell each ball game. You see people all over the ballpark carrying them and eating them.

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Suz said...

I've been to this stadium. This is where I saw the Yankees! I know you love them sooo much! haha Best day of my baseball life.