Monday, July 23, 2012

Boy Scouts and Whataburger

On the last day of the baseball trip we went back to Good 2 go Taco, because it was that amazing. 

Then we I let my father indulge in his guilty pleasure...Boy Scouts! We went to the National Scouting Museum. It was actually a very impressive museum. It was very well done and looks like a lot of money went into the building of it. It was cool to learn a little bit of the history of boys scouts, and now when my dad goes to his next scouting meeting we will be the "cool" guy.

Then we stopped by our last meal before heading to the airport. We stopped at WHATABURGER. This is just a chain fast-food joint, but since we were there we needed to try it.  We split a cheeseburger, patty melt, onion rings, and french fries.

It was a run of the mill fast-food burger. The rating will be in contents of fast-food items and not food as a whole.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Bald Heads

It was a nothing special, but not disgusting fast-food hamburger.

That is all for the baseball trip to Texas. The next several blog post will be about my three week trip to Calgary, Alberta CANADA!

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