Monday, July 30, 2012

Randomness of Life

For those who don't know I am 1) a social media junkie, 2) a couchsurfing supporter, and 3) enjoy spontaneous randomness. That being said I was able to satisfy all three of these thing this past weekend.  I was on Facebook and noticed a news article about two cancer survivors who are driving around America shooting a documentary about the fact that there is life after cancer. 
You can read that article Here

After I read the article I immediately wrote on their Facebook page to offer my support, and before I knew it was hosting them at my house for Friday and Saturday. They interviewed my for about an hour and a half for their documentary and I took them hiking and showed them around the beautiful state that is Utah. It was a great opportunity and I am glad I was able to meet both Evan and Eli. 

Now for the older guy in the middle of the photo. He was a freelance photographer who took pictures of all three of us throughout the interview and as we "hung out" to run a story of their traveling for the Chicago Tribune. Overall it was a fun experience. 

The highlight of the trip was watching the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics. It was fun to share that experience with them and a few other friends. The highlight being when Sir Paul McCartney had everyone singing Hey Jude. The entire house was singing and sharing the moment together. 

It is truly an Olympic ceremony that I will always remember!


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very cool.

Evan Bartlett said...

Just found this. We had a great time too!! I can't wait for you to see the documentary!!!