Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trying to be more healthy...We will see how long it lasts

I am trying to be more healthy...I know all my traveling and eating might seem like I am doing the complete opposite, but since my birthday (June 23)...I have not consumed any soda. It is my first step of cutting out sugar and other unhealthy stuff that I eat (Apparently cancer loves that means I should consume less). Once again, I am at the beginning of this process so all the unhealthy food I have eaten during my travels will still be blogged about.

However, I also am trying to "Go Green." You all know about this movement of using more organic/natural products..reducing one's own carbon footprint. This being said I decided to try this new toothpaste called Revitin.

I have used it only once so far, but I liked that it was not an overpowering of minty flavor like most toothpastes. It is a nice citrus flavor (It reminds me of some citrus flavored chewing gum). Anywho, it is an all natural toothpaste. 

If any of you have ideas of awesome "Go Green" products that I should introduce into my life...let me know buy commenting or emailing me. I am always open to suggestions. 

I will also be posting about my recent three-week trip to Canada. I am just spending today doing laundry, catching up on work and life, and letting my body reboot.

Thanks for reading...

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Caroline said...

If you have soda cravings try flavored soda water... no calories naturally. For personal care products try Tom's of Maine or Burt's Bees.

Another step in getting rid of sugar is to try to avoid cakes and cookies and go with fruit based desserts - a fruit tart might have sugar in it but it does have fresh fruit. Or even a bowl of fruit.

Finally a trick in our house is a salad every night before dinner and fruit for breakfast and lunch. Hit your local farmer's market for organic and fresh fruits and veggies.

One you comment on my blog, if you can figure out how to stop paying taxes, please let me know